Receiving texts in two parts

lg 500g received text msg

lg 500g received text msg

When a friend sends me texts, if they aren't just a few words, they are coming in as two separate messages. This is, of course, using up my minutes fast. I didn't have this problem when she sent me messages on my Motorola Tracfone. I have changed a setting for sending long messages, but I don't see any options for receiving them. Is this due to the way she has her phone set up, or is it my phone? Otherwise, I really like my new LG500.


As far as I know text messages can be up to 160 characters in length before they have to be split up into two messages. To test my unit, I sent the LG 500g a message exactly 160 characters long. Here is the (ungrammatical) message I sent:

"Hi this is test message that will be slightly less than one hundred sixty characters in length to be sent to the lg five hundred g to see what will happen to it"

Even thought the message says it will be less than 160, it was actually exactly that length. It arrived as one message. I happened to send it from another phone, but you can actually see what happens when you start composing a message on your own phone. The character count on the upper right hand part of the screen will say "1600/1". The character count will count down as you enter your message. When you go past 160 characters, the count will read something like "1436/2" indicating that it will have to go out as two text messages (or as an MMS message if you select that option).

Unless the messages are short and still being split up, I don't thinks there's anything to fix on your phone.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Nov 25, 2011
Chopped Texts
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem with my LG 500G, splitting up text messages into several messages. I only get about 15-20 characters per message if that even. Any help would be appreciated.

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