Reception Problem Inside Buildings

by Richard Baratta
(Long Island, NY)

When entering a building (like a library), my LG440G switches to "no service" - while a lot of others who have flip phones and smart phones are getting incoming calls all the time. Is my phone defective? Getting the usual 3 bars showing as soon as I exit the building.

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Jun 27, 2017
Could be the phone or the network
by: sb

In researching this, I did find a few comments and reviews that mentioned poor reception with this phone. I don't know if this could be due to the phone, the network or both

The phone may not have the best reception. This doesn't seem that unlikely. Therefore, whenever the signal is weaker, it is more likely to lose service.

In terms of the network. The frequency band of the network makes a difference in terms of how well the signal penetrates solid structures such as buildings. A lower frequency signal does better than a higher frequency signal. Thus a phone operating on the 850MHz band may do better than one operating in the 1900MHz band.

Most GSM phones in the USA support both bands but not all network carriers do. In particular, the AT&T 3G network appears to use both the 850 and 1900 MHz bands, but the T-Mobile 3G network only uses the higher frequencies.

It's possible that your phone has a T-Mobile-type SIM card (Tracfone uses both AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards) which restricts it to the higher frequency band. In addition a further weakness with the phone could result in the behavior you are experiencing.

This is, of course, quite speculative on my part as there could be other issues involved.


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