Reception problems

by Mike
(Neversink, NY)

AT&T Gophone coverage in Neversink, NY

AT&T Gophone coverage in Neversink, NY

Worst phone I ever had. I can stand next to someone talking on their cellphone, and I can't get a signal. Happens a lot.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your comments. I haven't seen any complaints like this about this phone. Do you know if the person you were standing next to also had a cellphone on the AT&T or T-Mobile networks. I say this because I was recently on the outskirts of Philadelphia (near Fairmount Park) and I got very poor reception on my LG 900g in the hotel we stayed in. Luckily we got good reception with a Samsung phone we had with us.

There's a good chance your W260g Tracfone uses the AT&T Gophone network, so I checked their Gophone coverage viewer and typed in the zipcode I found for Neversink, NY (12765). The resulting coverage map showed areas of moderate coverage and areas of no coverage. To see what alternatives you have, I also checked the coverage for Verizon Prepaid phones and also found areas of coverage and no coverage. I've attached two screenshots which both show Rt. 55 so you can get some idea.

Of course, it's possible there is a problem with your particular handset.

Hope this helps.

Received calls have wrong date

by star

I have this exact phone and carry it for emergencies or to take that quick pic. I do wish we could use the usb for something other than charging.

The main problem I have is the 'received calls' on my W260G have the wrong date. Nothing else does: not the calendar, not the "renew your minutes by", just the received calls. I've tried to get help but the customer service reps. don't know how to fix it without mailing it in. Don't want to do that.

Suddenly ALL CAPS in text mode

by Tony
(fort lauderdale)

I am stuck with all caps when I text. Not sure what happened and can't figure out how to change it. I can hit the down button but you now have to do it with every letter that I type. Anyone know how to set it back? It just started doing it out of the blue after a couple years.

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