Replaced my 6 yr old Nokia

by Richard Peterson
(Lynnfield Ma.)

My old tracfone was a 6 year old Nokia. It would not send a text anymore so I bought a new LG440G flip phone at Walmart.

I am seventy years of age, and I wanted something simple to use. Let me tell you I love this phone. It's simple to use with lots of features.

User Friendly

by Sharon C.
(Burlington, WI)

I love this phone! It is so easy to learn all the features. About 2 months ago I had bought the LG 840G, which is a touch screen phone, and I absolutely hated it. It was way too sensitive, you made choices accidentally just by putting it up to your ear.

So, I went out and bought this phone, after comparing all the non-touchscreen tracfones. I didn't even know about the text to speech feature until I read your review.

All I need is a basic phone, but this one is so easy to use, I can even use some of the other features, such as voice command (very useful for in the car). The screen is larger and really easy to read. I put all my contacts into this new lg440 in one sitting, whereas after hours and stopping and starting, I still did not have all my contacts in the touchscreen phone. This phone is awesome.

Best Flip Phone I Have Owned

by mikey

Good phone, lots of features, just works well! Here are the 2 email addresses for your phone. If you have someone send you an email from the web, they need to use one of these addresses. (for text messages only.) (for pics & text.)

(The ten digits are your 10-digit phone number.)

These two addresses are actually your phones' email address.

Use the text only one for text messages. Saves minutes. More minutes will be used to receive an mms message.

Note: These addresses are used only on the web end; not needed if you are using the phone to send an email to a regular email address.

Cell phones are amazing! They are the Swiss Army Knives of the 21st century.

Note: the LG440g phone is a GSM phone with an AT&T SIM Card.

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