Retired Senior with Ringtone Problems

Samsung T401g ringtone settings

Samsung T401g ringtone settings

I'm having trouble getting ring tones on my phone, and, on incoming calls, I have no ring tone. It comes up accept or reject the caller. I can't get it back to the way it was. I can't buy any ring tones. This started over night.


Thanks for your question. It's hard to guess what it could be. Before you call Net10's tech support please take a look at your incoming call sound setting to make sure everything's okay. You want to check if you can use the ringtones that already come with your T401g.

From your home screen select:

Menu -> Settings (the icon with a gear and wrench) -> Sound Settings -> Incoming Call

This should bring you to the incoming call sound settings as shown in the picture. Make sure that the volume is set to a number between 5 and 7, with 7 being the loudest. In the past I have accidentally set the volume down to 1 while fiddling with the phone.

Can't download ringtones from web

by Shayla Roulhac
(Panama City FL)

I just can't download ringtones from web to my phone other than that it is a great phone.

Hi Shayla,

I made this video a while back:

How to download Net10 ringtones from their site. The video is a little old but should still be useful.

To use ringtones from other sites, you have to download them to your PC first as mp3 files and then transfer to the phone using Bluetooth or transferring them to a microSD card and sticking the card into the phone.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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