Retired stationary engineer disappointed except for alarm

by Edward N.
(Wilmington, IL)

If my C-139 had an alarm feature I would of never got the 376. Disappointed with the reception and useless camera feature. The alarm feature is great.

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Apr 08, 2010


I decided to fight for my 376G. I asked for a ATT sim as the T mobile had no bars at the zip code I requested for its use. They said I need to call them from that Zip code with another phone. I had a ATT land line put in and called Tracfone. They finally agreed to give me an ATT sims. I now have up to 3 bars and the camera phone transmits pictures to my email.

Because I now have the ATT land line long distance is 5 cents a minute instead of using my Tracfone. They will lose many minutes by not just exchanging my Sims. I Googled up T mobile rating for the area and it was moderate no calls from inside and maybe from outside or in a car. ATT rated the area at excellent. I wasted many hours with Tracfone customer service.

The corker is they sent the Sim to the address where I did not live or have service. Lucky I was looking out the attic window and saw a Fed Ex truck in the neighbors driveway where no one lives. I opened the attic window and asked who she was looking for and it was my Sims. That was after giving my correspondence credit card address twice to two different people who called me from Tracfone. They never had the wrong delivery address until they were trouble shooting my phone and asked for the address to input to the antenna coverage map. Shame on Tracfone.

Mar 23, 2010
Thanks and a question.
by: admin


Thanks for your comments! You might want to try one of the Samsung or LG phones, instead.

BTW, what is a "stationary engineer"?


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