Retreiving Email via Flip Phone

by Richard Baratta
(Long Island, NY)

LG 440g email menu option

LG 440g email menu option

Is it possible to retrieve Emails from a computer using my LG440G? If so, can you provide me with the steps involved??

Hi Richard,

Your phone does have a email app, so you can try just entering your email and password in the appropriate fields and just try it.

Go to Menu > Email (the @ symbol) and enter your login details. It's pretty straightforward, but I'll try to upload some screenshots to this page later.

You may run into a couple of complications.

Two-factor Authentication

Some email providers in the past required a two-step authentication before you could receive email through an app on a mobile device. I ran into this problem a couple of years ago when trying to hook up reading Yahoo! mail from a smartphone. In this case, there was a somewhat complicated setup to get Yahoo to send an authentication message to the phone to get it approved.

However, Yahoo now seems to make two-factor authentication optional (it's in the account settings if you login from a computer). So it might no longer be an issue.

They have a page for checking Yahoo mail via POP or IMAP.

Those settings aren't available on the 440g, so just try your username/email and password and see if works.

I can't test it, because my phone is not active, and so it won't save my email setting. It may be that once you've created an email account on the phone, you can go back in and then edit the particular settings if necessary. Some of the other Tracfones did have that capability.

Microsoft Hotmail, Live, and
Microsoft doesn't have a separate set of instructions for non-smartphones, but you can just try putting in your Microsoft email address and password and see it if works.

They also do have a page describing their email settings

Try the same thing. Gmail like the other providers has a page for all their email settings for accessing from other devices, but I can't access those fields on the 440g. Just try your username and password.

Some still use their AOL account. For those people, AOL also has a page describing their email settings.

Final Note
If you are going to check email or the web from a Tracfone, I still recommend getting one of their smartphones. This is because on those phones there is are separate buckets for your voice minutes, your text messages and your data. This way, even if you use up all your data using the web or checking email, you still have your voice and text balances are unaffected, and you can still make calls or send and receive texts. This is more convenient and economical in the end.

Hope this helps.


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Jul 12, 2017

by: sb

Hi Richard,
I added two pictures showing the email button and the screen where you would fill in your email and password (please don't post that info in your reply). Did you try doing that?


Jul 10, 2017
Retrieving Emails from computer
by: Richard Baratta

Thanks for your feedback on my "Retrieving Email" problem. It didn't seem to help me. I tried the tutorial from Tracfone and I can't get to the screen that says: "LOG-IN DETAILS", or the part that asks for the Email address and password. Also, there's something about "push off". What is that? I can send a message to a computer, but can't seem to retrieve any Emails. Any chance you can solve this problem by providing me with the steps to accomplish this?
Thanks for your help, RB

Jul 03, 2017
by: sb

I added a couple of screenshots for those who don't have this phone.

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