Review & comparison to S150g

by joe
(southern new jersey)

I have a few android phones that I use as wifi-phones and as tablets. Between comcast's and various other hotspots, I am covered most lot of time, but I need a cheap phone for standby and the ability to talk to my wife while between hotspots. I don't talk often, and usually text so tracfone's plans work well for me.

The s125g is super cheap. It costs between $5 - $10.
Comes w/ case, 2 chargers , headset & 20 airtime units.
Easy to use and carry: Small size fits in all pockets, simple button layout & screen is bright and easy to read outside.
The system is fast and responsive, making texting easy.
Sound is loud and clear w/ or without the headset.
Long standby battery life.
It's a double minute phone.

Have to keep extra charger as it uses proprietary charger connector.
No way to add sound, music,or picture files.
No mms and wap browser. No 3g
No bluetooth to use as headset for my android devices.

Comparison to S150g.

The two phones are similar price and & have the same pack-ins.
The s150 has a bigger, brighter, higher resolution screen.
System is slightly faster.
Has 3G WAP browser and MMS.
Can buy/add .jar games/apps, sound, music, & pic files.
Uses standard micro usb charger.

For most, the s150g is the better phone BUT the s125g has higher capacity battery & superior battery life, which for me is most important.

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