Ringtone Volume on incoming calls not activating as usual.

by Richard B.
(Long Island, NY)

SB, The side volume button to raise or lower the volume of the ringtone seemed to stop working the way it is supposed to. Now it's down to 1 and I can't seem to raise it to the next level.

Usually, when the 420g display would come on, I was able to press the top of the side volume button and it would raise to the next level or higher, (if I kept the button depressed), and as I got to the level I wanted, it would play the sound.

Any fix? Do I just have to fiddle with it 'til I get what I want? Thanks for your input, RB


Have you tried going to the Sound profile through the menu and using the up/down navigation buttons on the keypad. The screen is shown on this page about changing ringtones. There is an option for ringtone volume below the ringtone choice.


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