Ringtones for Kona

by Mark

kyocera kona ringtones menu

kyocera kona ringtones menu

Can anyone tell me how to download a ringtone for my Kona Kyocera phone?

Hi Mark,

Is there a problem downloading them from the Ringtones menu? You can go to

Menu > My Stuff > Ringtones

and select "Get New" which launches the web browser.

Unfortunately I have swapped out this phone so I can test another, so I can't actually go through the process of downloading the ringtone myself.

The other option you would have is to send a ringtone to yourself from another phone via a multimedia message.

Can't get games or ringtones and getting messages from a9999999999999

by Blanca Sanchez

I can't get ringtones or games on this phone. I keep getting messages from a9999999999999 as soon as it was activated.

Hi Blanca,

I didn't try to get any games on it, but I didn't have any problem with unwanted text messages except possibly for the occasional (free) message from Virgin about various stuff for the phone.

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