Rudeness Machine

by Dr. Knucklehead

To me, cellphone users have always seemed self centered and rude as they blab away while cruising the Mall or grocery store. On the road, they appeared equally rude and absurdly, blithely, dangerous.

As such, I have resisted buying one of these infernal machines until today, when my daughter threatened to disown me for revealing to the world what a complete idiot I am.

So, now I am the proud owner of a brand new W376g, and your article has helped assure me that it was a good choice. Because of my resistance to these Rudeness Machines, I was ignorant about all cellphones. Your article has helped to cure that problem, and I intend to research each point and more until I regain my daughter's respect..somewhat.

Thanks so much for the easy to understand and informative review of the W376g for us newbies.
Dr. K

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Feb 23, 2010
Thanks Dr. K
by: admin

Dear Dr. K,

Thank you for those kind comments. I couldn't agree more about cell phone usage while driving.

It sounds like you have a wonderful daughter (despite threatening to disown you). I'm sure she'll appreciate your "sacrifice".

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