Silent mode with no vibration

LG 420g Silent Mode Vibrate Off

LG 420g Silent Mode Vibrate Off

Is there any way to make my phone completely silent? Even on silent the text vibrates and it drives me crazy!


There are a couple of ways you can go about getting it not to make a noise or vibrate when a text message comes in on your LG 420g.

Set Vibrate to Off in Silent Mode

The first way is that you turn off Vibrate in Silent mode. To do that go to:

Menu -> Settings -> Sound Profiles -> Silent

and click Options -> Edit and set the Vibrate alert to "Off".

Set the Volume on Message Tone to Zero

Instead of setting it to Silent Mode, you can also just set the volume of the message tone of the current profile to zero, or you can create a customized sound profile with the message tone volume set to zero.

Either way should work.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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