Simple, Basic phone

by Ashley

My mom and step-dad both have the Dial cell phones (they are in their 50s). This seems to be a great phone for them. The numbers are really big and easy to read, the phone itself seems to be wider than most so it would be easier to use if you have stiff hands or arthritis.

The phone itself is very basic, you just scroll through to the person you want to call. I would recommend this phone for younger teens and for older people. An older teen, person in their 20s or 30s, or a business professional would desire a phone that has more capabilities. I have a prepaid phone for use in emergencies and although its basic, it is still somewhat trendy and not quite so basic.

The cost of their plan seems to be reasonable but I would question spending so much on the phone itself. I don't know if they got theirs at any special price but listed above is the phone for under $150, being such a basic phone I would not be willing to spend more than $25 for it.

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