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Simple Freedom was a pretty good independent prepaid cell phone plan which was bought by Alltel and was going to be merged into their services. The rest of the review is more for historical purposes. (Alltel itself was later bought by Verizon.)

Rates are 15 cents per minute and 50 cents per minute roaming charges. Text messages cost 10 cents to send. In short it’s cheaper than Tracfone but more expensive than Net 10. In exchange you get more stylish handsets.


The service uses Alltel's network as its primary (local) network. Alltel claims to have the “largest network” based on an independent study, though with lots of qualifiers. Therefore presumably you won’t have to pay roaming charges very often. Actually, the fact that they have the option for roaming charges is actually means that Simple Freedom coverage is better for you, because you don’t face the situation as with some other carriers where if you’re in an area not covered by their network, there’s no roaming charges, you’re simply out of luck!


As mentioned above, you pay 15 cents per minute within their network, outside their network you pay 50 cents per minute. Text messages cost 10 cents each.

Airtime Refill

You can buy airtime in denominations of $20, $30, $50 of airtime good for 60 days each, or $100 of airtime (665 local minutes) good for one year.

You can refill your airtime using either Simple Freedom or Alltel prepaid cards which are available in Alltel stores as well as places like Walmart.

Both types of refill cards should still work, but the minutes may get charged according to the Alltel plans.


You have to activate by calling them up from another phone. When you activate your phone you get 60 minutes free, and then you can get an additional 60 free minutes by mentioning the latest (June 2007) promotional code: ACT0609


You can Re-activate your Simple Freedom phone with Alltel

First check out Alltel's prepaid plans and then call . . .

Alltel Customer Care

Alltel Customer Care at 1-800-335-6401.

Simple Freedom Phones

You can choose from five different handsets, including at least one camera phone:

Kyocera Candid
Nice camera flip phone.

Motorola W315
Basic flip phone. Downloadable ringtones, etc.

Nokia 2865i
Bluetooth phone with FM radio!


All in all, Simple Freedom was a decent prepaid wireless provider. Not the cheapest but was still a little cheaper than Tracfone at the time for basic service. One drawback was that you could not activate or buy airtime online.