Skins and Cases

by sb (admin)

initially it wasn't easy to find skins and cases except at Amazon. It had only been about a month since the Android phone has been available from Straight Talk, so perhaps that's why I didn't find options at the usual sources.

Now, however, you can choose from a pretty good selection at Amazon or go to to make a customized one.

Gel Skins

Gel skins are available for the Galaxy Precedent from a couple of distributor including HRTWireless, Royal Accessories, Skinomi etc. These skins are pretty inexpensive and are available in all sorts of colors. In fact, one of the cooler items available is a set of 10 in assorted colors so you can switch them out to fit your moods or outfits.

Snap-On Faceplates and Cases

You can also find some faceplates instead. Hard faceplates seem like they should provide better protection, but that isn't necessarily the case (hah!), unless they fly apart when they hit the ground distributing the momentum and energy. Anyway, it's probably still better than not having one. You can find them in a variety of colors and designs ranging from zombies to purple flowers, however my current favorite is a bright orange one.

Note: the model number for this phone is M828C. You can also look for accessories for the M820 which is the base version of this phone.

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