Slider loose?

by MR. MR.

My phone while open in full slide position the screen part/top half of this phone seems very loose. I got delivery of this phone yesterday and this looseness has me worried.

I had a Samsung slider by t-mobile and this was never an issue in the two rugged years i owned it.

Anyone: Please answer cause i only have 30days to return it.

Also google for discount codes for net10 I found two one for $3.00 and one for $5.00 i used them both on 3/05/2010 and got this phone for $41.99 before tax. Thanks.... no longer valid

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Mar 11, 2010
Thanks for your comments
by: admin

Mr. Mr.,

Thanks for your comments. I haven't had any problems, but if any readers have, I hope they add their comments.

Regarding your name. You know I'd completely forgotten there was a 80s band by that name. Did a search and just heard the beginnings of "Broken Wings". Amazing how even a song band I didn't much care for can bring about feelings of nostalgia.


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