Speed dial

by Mary
(San Francisco, CA)

I noticed when you add a number to the phone book, it is assigned a number so I assume this is a speed dial number. How do you make a call using speed dial?



Hi Mary,

Good to hear from you again. Yes, each phone number is assigned a speed dial number. There are two ways to use the speed dial.

1. Speed Dial any Number

For any speed dial number you can press the speed dial number and the # button to bring up the number and then press the Send button to call. This is really just another way of accessing the phonebook. However, . . .

2. One Touch Dial for Numbers 1-9

To Speed dial number 1 through 9, you can simply press and hold down that key and it will dial that number.

There is one slight complication in that you can set whether the one-touch refers to the contacts on your phone (Contacts 1 through 9) or your SIM (Contacts 501 - 509). There's also a third option to assign it to a Fixed Dial list (where calls are restricted to a fixed set of number), but most people don't need to use that.

So if you assign it to Phone, then pressing and holding down the 3 key will speed dial contact #3. If you assign it to SIM, then pressing and holding down the 3 key will speed dial contact # 503.

This is just rephrased from page 30 of the manual.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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May 08, 2011
by: Mary

This website has been so helpful to me as my phone came with a "guide" not a manual. In your answer to my question about speed dialing numbers you gave a link to the manual. I didn't even know a manual existed. Finally I can look up how to do things. Thank you.


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