Still happy after two years

I couldn't beat the affordability and simplicity of the plans. I bought a Samsung T201g and it's still working fine after 2 years. I only have to charge it once a week or so and I could count my dropped calls on one hand. The speaker phone works well enough in the car. It's been easy to figure out the settings, use the address book and make calls. Except for the calculator I have no use for any of the other features.

I usually buy the 180 day 1,000 minute deal online for $100 and I always have extra minutes. I've never contacted customer service - never had to.

If you're an avid texter, want to surf the internet or need to have a touch screen you'd be disappointed by this phone and arrangement. But for me it works and is much more affordable than any contract phone plan. I also don't need a smart phone. At my job and at home I have plenty of computer and internet access - I really don't need a mini computer in my pocket - just a phone.

If all you want to do is make occasional cell phone calls Net10 and their basic phones will do just fine.

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