Surf the web and talk at the same time?

My girlfriend had the Optimus Q and she could, but I'm getting the Precedent instead so I was wondering if it was possible to surf the web and talk at the same time?


Yes, it's possible to do some stuff while talking on this .

Talking and Web Surfing
Talking and surfing the web is not something I usually do on the phone, so I had to try it out to check and I was able to make a call and then surf the Web (Google Places actually) to find a nearby coffee shop).

Of course, you may to use a Bluetooth headset or put it on speaker to do so.

Talk and Text

While I was at it, I also tested whether it was possible to text and talk at the same time as well, and yes you can do that, too.

Text and Listen to Music

You can text while listening to audio using the music player app that comes pre-installed with the phone.

So for these aspects, at least, the Precedent can do what you want. The Optimus Q does have a QWERTY keyboard.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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