Switching Service plans?

by caleb nowakowski

I am currently experiencing a problem with my phone because I had 750 minutes every thirty days for $25 a month, I have ran out of service days and now am trying to use a $45 600 minute pay as you go card and each time I try it says service is unavailable.

Please help me with this situation I am technologically disabled. Thank you.

You may contact me at..... (snip)

Hi Caleb,

I don't think you're technologically challenged in this instance. You have to call Net10 customer service (1-877-836-2368) to switch from the 30 monthly plans to the pay as you go plan and vice versa. You do say your service days have run out, but assuming it hasn't been too long, then you may be able to keep your phone number as well.

I've been planning to go in the other direction once I run out of my current set of minutes, but I haven't done it yet. I'm curious to know how the process goes. So, please update us in the comments about it went! Thanks.

sb (admin)

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