T-Mobile Prepaid Sim Cards

You need $15 and an Unlocked GSM Phone

T-Mobile Prepaid Sim Cards offer an easy way to switch over to their prepaid service at little cost. The cards used to be are available at stores for about $10 or online for $6.99, however the cost of the starter kit is now listed at $15.

If you already have a T-Mobile phone or an unlocked GSM phone, then just buy a T-Mobile SIM Card Activation Kit and you’re ready to go.

Other plans that offer SIM cards include Straight Talk, NET10, and Simple Mobile.

t-mobile sim card

Use an  Unlocked Phone

Even a Dual-SIM phone

You can use the sim card with a dual-SIM unlocked GSM phone. If you need the phone while traveling in the USA, then a dual-SIM phone allows you to use it with two carriers without having to keep switching out the cards.

Use a Previous T-Mobile Phone

This is a great way to use your or a friend’s old T-Mobile phone. This way, even if you previously had contract service, you can switch over to prepaid or no-contract service. Re-using the phone immediately is probably much more efficient than sending it off to be recycled.

But Don’t Try to Re-Use a Tracfone!

Tracfone handsets airtime mechanism is usually locked in the firmware, and it’s quite difficult for an individual to unlock.

Starter Airtime on T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Cards

The SIM cards each come with 10 minutes of starter airtime. This is basically just enough to make sure your phone is functioning properly before you spend your own money on airtime.

It’s a good idea to buy $100 of airtime if possible to receive the 15% bonus as well as extending your service for a whole year.