The best except for customer service

by Howard Middaugh
(Holland, MI. USA)

I've used them for 3 years now. Customer service? What customer service. Easier to buy a new phone and start over with them, skip customer service. Phones are cheap, throw them away if problems.

Right at the moment I'm carrying 1849 minutes on a junk LG 600 that is not working very well. Yea, $184.90 worth of time with a 496 day service on it. Try porting minutes over by computer, it only transfers 1,000 minutes, shorts me 849 minutes trying to transfer to a new phone.

I've spoke with customer service 3 times about my time and minutes porting problem. No action, so the phone sits unused on the coffee table as the days click off the service date.

My new Verizon prepaid phone I now have is also a full fledge scam BUT, I would more than happy to give up the $102 on the account with Verizon to have a Net phone that was working right now. For my phone usage, Net 10 is by far the best service, even if the phones suck muck. Heather Johnson at Corp headquarters if you are reading this......HELP!! You weren't in your office last week 12/28/09 when I called.

So in closing, Net 10 by far, the best service, best deal, good call signal, (even over Verizon), call clarity, good coverage. Honest to goodness value for a dime a minute. I'll be back Net 10 when this phone thing is resolved.

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