The Cyclops is cool!

by Louise Ray
(Plantation FL)

The first thing I've got to mention about the cyclops is, of course, the reason it got that name- that big 'eye' on top of the phone! That's a camera, and a good one at that. It's 1.3 megapixels and I have taken some really good photos with it, far better than I've had with other phones. You can even use your photos as your wallpaper. In fact, I change my wallpaper nearly daily depending on what photos I snap that day.

The Cyclops phone is really reliable and easy to use. The speakerphone has pretty good quality, and is very easy to use.

For texting, the Cyclops is a mixed bag; it's a little hard to get used to the "eZI" text, which predicts the word you're typing after you enter a few letters. However, the prediction is usually right, and after you adjust to the learning curve, texting becomes a total breeze! This feature took me 2 days to get used to and now I absolutely love it and would refuse to be without this texting feature.

I think the Cyclops is a great phone, and it's really unusual looking- people are always asking me where I got it and what kind of phone it is!

A Handy, Reliable Phone

by James M.

I bought this cell phone from Virgin mobile. It was my first camera phone, so I was pretty excited about it. Unfortunately, the service charges around $0.25 cents for each picture to transfer to the website, where you may download it to your computer, so I wasn't able to take full advantage of it.

The best part of owning this phone was the look of it. The Cyclops had a very unique look, with the red chrome accents on the glossy white. I got quite a few compliments for it.

It was also very easy to text on this phone, and the buttons weren't too sticky. It was also very reliable, and I had hardly any problems getting it to work. All in all, I enjoyed this phone while I had it. The only reason I gave it up was because I was switching cell phone characters, otherwise, I might still be using one.

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