The WORST Customer Service EVER!

by Susan

I have had several issues with my Verizon cell phone. Each call to customer service initially led me to the automated system - what a HORRIBLE system. After bouncing around in automation hell for 15 minutes, was finally connected with a human being, who then lied to me.

He informed me the problem was with the phone itself and I needed to go into the store to get it replaced at no charge; stating he would "put it in the notes that the store should replace my device". Of course, my visit to the store went differently - the manager wanted to charge me for a new phone since it was beyond their return date (and there was nothing in the note ); but added "This problem doesn't make sense, let me just reset it to factory settings instead". Not wanting to pay more money for a service that wasn't working, I let her reset the phone. Within days, the original problem was evident, I returned to the store to be charged for a new phone (I have now paid for 2 phones, at a slight discount) and was spoken to like they were doing me a favor.

So that's three calls thru automation hell and three trips to the store... and that's not even getting into the problems with the plan I purchased. I have consistently been mis-informed (or blatantly lied to) about what is included and available, only to be told something different by another employee. The only thing keeping me with this lack of attention to their customers is another family plan with three lines... luckily that expires in December and I plan to shop around.

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