Too few rings before going to voicemail

I am enormously frustrated because this phone rings twice only and I can't get to it before the call goes to voicemail. I never pick up voicemail. How can I set it to ring ten times before it goes to voicemail?


I don't see how to do that either. One thing you can try is changing the sound profile and the ringtone in the sound profile to something else and see if that helps. My T105g is no longer active, so I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

Another thing you could try is to call customer support and de-activate voicemail to see if that increases the number of rings you get.

You still get a limited number of rings. If voicemail is not set up, after a certain number of rings the caller hears the message that the phone they're calling does not have voicemail set up.

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Setting up Voice Messaging?

by Cheryl Johnson

I wanted to set up voice messaging; my instruction booklet said to press and hold "1" until it dials the voice-messaging service, then follow the instructions. I tried this, but only got the "Sorry--the number you have called does not have activated voice-messaging. Good-bye!" Each subsequent time I've tried, I've gotten the same thing - wasting a minute with each try.

I've searched online, as well as watched a video tutorial of the exact phone - which worked for him - and gotten on the Tracfone website, entered my serial number, and followed the instructions online - which were the same as what my booklet said - with the same "sorry" message.

FRUSTRATING! I guess I'm going to have to call them.

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Jul 26, 2011
try your Co Forum
by: jimjim

Using TracFone you can have it set as desired by posting your request in the forum.

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