Touch screen eventually stops working

by Anonymous

At first I really liked the phone, however I have owned 2 in less than a year and both of them had the same problem - the touch screen eventually stops working. At first, the touch screen will be off, you touch something on the left side of the screen and something on the right side lights up. Then, it will quit working altogether.

Like I said, 2 LG Primes, same problem. I did not get either phone wet or drop it. Several other users online have had the same problem. It's a great price, but not if you have to keep buying a new phone every couple of months. Save money in the long run, do not buy this phone.

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your comments. Let us know what phone you switched to, and how that's going.

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Jun 03, 2011
Same problem!
by: hayesgirl

I am having the same problem with my LG Prime. I try to touch the touch the keypad icon on the left side and the address book icon lights up and opens. I tried to re-calibrate the touch screen and I can't even touch the red dots! I have had the phone for about 5 months. Horrible!

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