TracFone did me wrong!

by Chuck J.
(Bakersfield, California)

I turned on my LG Tracfone on March 23rd to find the prompt "Unregistered SIM". Unable to call, I emailed Tracfone from another device. Tracfone claimed I had changed carriers that day. No such thing! In fact, just days before I spent literally hours on hold with their service line getting minutes loaded from an earlier problem. I was advised I would have to get another SIM card and reactivate. In addition to losing $100 worth of minutes, I lost my phone number too!

Out of curiosity, I called my number. A woman answered who claimed she had the number more than three-years. And that just that day, had switched from AT&T to Verizon. How Tracfone and my phone got tangled up in this I'll never know. (Probably because Tracfone will not respond to my requests for an explanation.)

Tracfone's service line people are very polite. But calling is a waste of time, you will be on hold for outrageous amounts of time for even the simplest things. And if a big problem comes up you may as well discard the phone. Assuming they really do send me the promised SIM card, I'll use what minutes are there and then never spend another penny with Tracfone!

Hi Chuck J.

Thanks for your comments. I don't quite understand what's going on, but you should ask them to give you the airtime you paid for.

sb (admin)

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Aug 07, 2011
Hope I can help.
by: Anonymous

As far as the Sim Card goes, I had a similar problem with Safelink, when they do send it, you install it, call them, they install it, and if your minutes don't appear go to the Add Airtime menu and use 555 as a promo code to recieve any missing minutes...

Apr 08, 2011
Safelink is Do-Do also!
by: John Goodin

That's Nothing

I submitted an application for my uncle who is in the nursing home on Medicaid to get him a Safelink phone. Received the phone last Wednesday and it has been one long horror story. First the phone they sent had a phone number not local and for an exchange 40 miles away in the Opelika, Alabama area. I called customer service the next day and they changed the number only the new number is still under the very same exchange 40 miles away. After 7+ calls to CS that day and about seven hours they said they would have to send me a new SIM clip. I got it today (Tuesday 4-9-2011) and it has no number in it period. I've called CS two times today and they said they would give it a Columbus, Ga area number. As of this date I still have a non-working phone with no number. Then I try calling my home number from this phone I get a T-Mobile message.

After 9+ days I should just junk this worthless piece of do-do crap but my uncle is on the mercy of the world!

Maybe I will get lucky. I've emailed all three of my reps in congress, the FCC, and the FTC online with a compliant.

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