Tracfone dropped SMS from Facebook?

by Helen
(E. Taghkanic, NY)

I've had Facebook Mobile on my Tracfone for at least a year and suddenly Tracfone is dropping that SMS function. I can no longer text FB with the short Code. I can still update my status by texting to the "private" e-mail address provided by FB Mobile. I've even been successful in sending pictures.

Hi Helen,

Thanks for the info. I added my LG 420g's phone number to my FB account to test what you said, and I also was not able to send a message to FBOOK (32665). However, I wonder if this has to do with Tracfone or FB?

In my local shopping mall, there is a request service (MyAkoo) for what songs are played on the TV's in the food court. It works by sending a music id to their short code. I sent an SMS message to the short code for their service, and that worked okay. So in one case at least, Tracfone is able to send SMS's to a short code.

sb (admin)

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