Tracfone Iphone Commercial

This Tracfone Iphone commercial was created about a year or so ago when Apple first introduced the Iphone. The point of the commercial is to show you how much money you save by getting a Tracfone instead of an Iphone.

The commercial is pretty witty with the joke at the end, but it's still a somewhat depressing commercial because it shows you all the great features of the Iphone and then presents you with the Tracfone.

Here's the Tracfone Iphone commercial itself and then let's Discuss ;)

Update: Looks like it's been pulled. One reason may be because their associated brands, NET10 and Straight Talk, now sell the iPhone!

Further thoughts

Okay, so the commercial tries a couple of tricks to make you not fall in love with the Iphone. The person using the Tracfone is better dressed, wearing a suit, and he's taller.

The Iphone users is short, badly dressed and just gives off a vibe that he's got this Iphone and is desperately trying to convince about all its great features while trying to forget how deeply in debt he is. It's a little more poignant now in the midst of the stock market crash (November 2008).

The Tracfone Model

The Tracfone being used in the commercial looks like the Motorola W370, which was a Razr-like phone but without a camera. At the time it was Tracfone's first somewhat stylish phone, and this made the commercial even remotely plausible, as even the Tracfone guy could not have said with straight face that he loved his Motorola C139.

These phones are no longer available, and now Tracfone even sells Android phones and data cards.