Tracfone Motorola W376g Review

Bluetooth capable prepaid camera phone

The stylish Tracfone Motorola W376g was a great new prepaid cell phone either new or as an upgrade. Though pretty much discontinued, this review explored why it was a big deal as a prepaid phone when it first came out. So let’s go over it all and see whether it's worth it.

July 2013 Update

This phone was briefly re-introduced as a double minutes phone with a $20 airtime card. So for a while you could replace a worn-out one.

Tracfone Motorola W376g

Why you may need one?

Maybe you're cutting back and are wondering whether you really need your own cell phone? Well, let's say it's the day after a birthday party, the children are in summer camp and you're off to work or in town after a busy weekend. The camp counselors may need to be able to reach you. Maybe your children ate a little too much cake yesterday or caught a bug from one of the kids or just got into the poison ivy.

So there are good reasons to keep at least a prepaid or no-contract cell phone.

The Motorola W376g adds two great features to the still pretty good W370 released last year. It has a camera, and you can use a wireless Bluetooth headset with it.

The second feature makes it great for a car, where you no longer need a messy wired hands-free headset or have to rely on the speaker phone – not an easy thing to do with the traffic noise.

Let's start with some standard features.

W376g back cover


Thanks for all the good info in your article. I was looking for the manual, and you had the link! Now it's on my desktop. Thanks.


You're welcome, Carole. And Thank You.


Text messaging

In addition to using your phone for talking, it's nice to sometimes be able to send those quick messages when you don't have time for any small talk or catching up.

Voice Mail

Tracfone has improved its voice mail system so that you can check messages quickly without using up too many of your minutes.

Listening to one short message now uses only about one unit, because you no longer have to navigate a boring phone menu. Tracfone just starts playing you the messages.

This means it’s easier to screen your calls without worrying about long messages from ex-boyfriends who’ve dialed the wrong number.

W376g keypad

Caller ID

This is possible because they also have Caller ID. So, you don’t have to answer a call unless you want to.

You can read the number on the screen.

Color Display

W376g color screen

Well, it’s nice to add a tiny bit of color in your life.

And you can store it easily because it’s a . . .

Compact Flip Phone

So, it fits in your purse or pocket. And because it's a flip phone, you don’t have to get a separate holder for it so that you don’t end up accidentally pressing the buttons.

When you take it in the car or when walking about town, you have to the option to use its . . .

Bluetooth Capability

You can use a Bluetooth headset when in your car so you’re free to answer those calls even when you’re not stuck in traffic.

You won’t miss any important calls.

That’s right, you, too, can have an electronic insect (that’s what the Bluetooth headsets look like to me) in your ear.

At least they’re visible. You don’t want people to think you’re talking to yourself.

Hands-free speaker phone

You do have the option of not using a Bluetooth headset. You can use the speaker phone built into the Tracfone Motorola W376g when you can’t use your hands.

And, of course, when the kids are gathered around to sing Happy Birthday is also a great time to use it.

Along with the other new feature added to the phone . . .


Yes, it’s got a camera with VGA-resolution – good enough for emailing. You can take pictures of events so you’ll have something to remember them by even if you didn’t bring your regular camera.

It also comes in handy if you need to document or witness something.

If you forget your regular camera, you can still record your daughter’s face painting at a party because you know it’ll start to wear off by the time you get home.

Also, god forbid, you’re the person needing help after an accident, using this Tracfone, you can immediately document the damage and the position of your car.

Plus there’s . . .


So we've gone over some of the major features. There are more features to consider below, but this is a good time to look at how much it costs. The phone used to be priced at a premium, but after a while you could get the Bluetooth-enabled Motorola W376 for $29.99 and receive double minutes for life.

That's what the W370 originally cost and you got the camera and Bluetooth capability.

MMS Picture messaging

Using MMS Picture messaging you can immediately send those photos along with a message to your insurance agent.

Of course, you can also use picture messaging to share any especially good pictures you take with your friends and family.

FM Radio.

Yes, an FM radio.

Okay, I know this won't exactly be a priority when you’re deciding whether to get the W376g, but you’ll take it.

It can come in handy such as when you’re waiting in a long line somewhere with nothing to do. Or perhaps the music on the intercom is not exactly your favorite.

External Call and Message Icon

You don’t have to open up your phone to find out whether you have a message or who’s calling.

Hearing-aid compatible Rating: M3

Good to know if you really need this capability. However, you might want to look for a phone with an M4 rating as that’s would be better.

Now that you’re eager set up your phone with all of your friends info you’ll be glad you can . . . .

Store 500 contacts in the SIM card

You can have up to 500 contacts stored in your Tracfone Motorola W376g.

As long as you take care of your phone and battery, it should last a couple of years, at which point, if not before then, you may want to upgrade again.

Here’s a hint to maximize your battery life.

Long Battery Life

The Motorola W376g battery gives you up to 7.5 hours talk time and 10 days of standby power. With that much standby power, you don’t have to worry about charging it every day to keep your battery from running out.


Lithium batteries actually love to be charged every day. So if you want your battery’s charge-holding capacity to last, it’s actually a good idea to plug it into the charger every night.

It's also a good idea, because it probably uses a little more energy if you set your phone's ring to . . .


Ah, yes. Not every place or everyone loves the sound of ringing cell phones. You can set it on Vibrate.

Even better is the Vibrate and then Ring setting – which makes sure you don’t miss that call, and still gives you a reasonable shot at answering before or on the first ring.

Speaking of rings, you can choose from . . .

23 Polyphonic Ringtones.

You’ll find one in there that you’ll like.

You will.

Or see above.

Alarm clock

There’s an alarm to make sure you wake up on time. Great backup if you have to keep up with the kids schedules.


Games on W376g

The Tracfone Motorola W376g has a few games which probably aren’t the kind you’ll obsess over, but are another way to pass the time when you need to.

Along with the FM radio, you’ll have something to do if, I mean, when you get stuck at the airport.

Or I suppose you could play with your . . .


Figuring out how much more you should be making.


OK. Unless you want to time a 100 yard dash, this won’t get all that much use.

You can use your W376g to see how long your next presentation or speech will take. You can practice your two minutes of public comment for the next school rezoning or property tax hearing.

At least these features don’t use up your . . .

Double minutes for life

After activating your Tracfone Motorola W376g, you get double minutes for the life of this particular phone – which will significantly lower your costs. And remember that Tracfone offers free . . .


You can out find even more (than you probably wanted to know) about the Tracfone Motorola W376g (pdf manual).

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