Transfer music from SD card to SD card

I got this phone, and I got two sd cards with different music on each. I was wondering if there's a way to copy the music to the phone so i can take out the sd and put in the other one in have the music from both sd cards?


I don't see a way of transferring from the SD card to the phone's internal memory. So, I would transfer the music from the second SD card to a computer first and then transfer it back to the phone with the main SD card.

Using SD Card Adapter

You can transfer the music from the second SD card to the computer in a couple of ways. You can use an SD card adapter and stick it into the SD card slot on your PC or Mac and transfer the files to a folder on your PC. This is the best way because you don't change anything on the second card.

Using USB Data Cable

If you don't have an SD card adapter, you can use your phone. You can shut down your phone and take out your main SD card. Then insert the second SD card and turn on the phone. The Galaxy Precedent will add a couple of additional folders to the card to prepare it for use with Android but it doesn't harm any of the folders already on the card. Now you can connect the phone to the computer using a USB data cable and selecting the options to enable mass storage. Then transfer the music over. (You can use the usb cable that's part of the wall charger that came with your phone - just remove the wall plug.)

Transfer back to Main SD Card

Then, disconnect the phone, shut it down, and remove the card. Stick the main SD card in the phone, turn it on, connect it to the computer via USB cable and transfer the music from the computer back to the SD card.

Hope this helps. Sorry I went on a bit long in the description, but I though it would be more useful to others that way.

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