How To Transfer Your Tracfone Number

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And Keep Your Minutes

See how to transfer your Tracfone number from your old to your new Tracfone and keep your minutes! In fact, you can see the whole process I went though in transferring the minutes and the phone number from an old Motorola V170 to an LG 225 camera phone.

The phones available today have changed, but the procedure is still pretty much the same. However, you do get an added benefit when you transfer your number to one of their Android handsets.

Prepare your New Phone (LG 225)

Take your new LG 225 and

  1. Peel off plastic protectors
  2. Install battery and back cover
  3. Plug in the charger to your phone and an outlet.
  4. Turn it on

Make sure you have a signal. While you can complete your transfer online, your changes won't be reflected on the phone until you are back within signal range. This may be an issue in houses where cell phone reception is poor.

Go Online

Go to the website and click on the Green Activate button.

On the next page choose the Transfer Number option on the Active/Reactivate drop-down menu.

activate tracfone website button
transfer tracfone number drop-down menu

Since you already have an old Tracfone, so click on the existing customer button. Then login to your Tracfone account. If you don't have one yet, you can register for one now.

tracfone existing customer confirmation

Choose the option to transfer a number from another Tracfone, and, below that, choose the model of your new Tracfone. Then choose the model of your old Tracfone.

select old and new tracfone models

Serial Numbers and Code Entry Mode

Now we start the nitty gritty of the procedure to transfer your Tracfone number and minutes between the two phones. You will identify your phones with their serial numbers. Then you will go into Code Entry mode on your old phone, take the results you see on the phone, and enter them on a web form to complete the transfer.

Entering Serial Numbers

On the Phone Upgrade page enter your new Tracfone's IMEI number. Below choose the phone from which to transfer. If your old phone is not registered in your account, then "click here" to add it to the list. With both sets of information added, click submit.

Code Entry Mode

Now you will transfer Tracfone minutes to your new phone.

You have to go into code entry mode on your old Tracfone. You must follow your specific instructions on the web page. These instructions will probably be different depending on your phone so the picture below is just an example. Please follow your specific instructions.

code entry mode to transfer tracfone minutes

If everything goes okay, you are asked to confirm that you will be getting the right number of minutes. If the number is right, go ahead and confirm it. In my case, I actually had about 217 minutes which Tracfone rounded up to 220. Also, in my case, I performed this procedure on the last day of service of the old Tracfone, so no days of service are added.

If the number is not right, click No, and you will probably be asked to contact customer service.


successful transfer of minutes

That's it. Now you turn the new Tracfone off and back on. Wait for a few minutes for the minutes to show up on the phone. You will get the usual 20 minutes and 60 days of service for activating the phone.

phone confirmation of transferred minutes

So there it is. I hope you found it useful.

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