Trouble checking Hotmail

by John
(new jersey)

I can't access my email. When I log on to Hotmail, the phone tells me "insufficient memory" and can not continue. I go to the memory section of the phone to try to free up some extra memory, but the phone tells me I need a password to delete the used space. What can I do to correct this? I don't see the sense in having email access on the phone if it doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi John,

Note: Possible Solution below

Unfortunately the same thing happened to me when I tried to check hotmail after I saw your comments. In term of freeing up memory, you can clear the regular memory by deleting unwanted text and picture messages you've received and sent as well as clear any unwanted photos and sounds. In the browser itself, you can clear the browser cache and the recent pages.

The funny thing is that I'm able to check Yahoo Mail and Gmail fine. It's just Hotmail that has this problem.

One thing that normally really helps in reducing the memory load is to turn off images. This makes checking Yahoo mail pretty fast. However, this doesn't seem to work properly on Hotmail. The images are off when I access the login screen, but after I enter my username and password and try to login, Hotmail still tries to load the images on the next screen. At that point I also get the "insufficient memory" message.

Possible Workaround Solution

The possible solution to this problem is to check your Microsoft email from Gmail or Yahoo mail. This is possible because Hotmail has enabled POP3 access.

You first have to set up a Gmail or Yahoo mail account to be able to access your Hotmail account. You can either use your current Gmail account or set up another dedicated one just for checking Hotmail.

You can find some directions for adding this capability for a Google account here: how to send and receive hotmail from gmail. Basically you have to enter the Hotmail POP server and Port and your email info.

Once you set up your Gmail in this way then you should be able login to your Gmail account on your phone and view your Hotmail messages!

(Note I didn't have time to try this out myself, but I'll update this section when I do.)

Hope this is of some help. Thanks for checking out my website.

sb (admin)

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