Trouble transferring number

by Emma

Bought HUAWEI ASCEND Y. Asked Best Buy and Net10 if transfer of my current Net10 Number is difficult. 2 trips back to store, spent 6 hours waiting while Best Buy person was on phone with Net10 ... store closed. Still no service. Old phone deactivated, and new phone won't activate, and no one seems to have an explanation.

No wonder the service is cheap - you pay for nothing. A waste of time and money, and customer service doesn't even try and fix the problem.

Hi Emma,

Thanks for your feedback. I've managed to transfer Net10 service from one phone to another several times, with only one glitch that happened when switching to an older model for testing.

I managed to retain my number, but had to wait a few days for customer service to mail me a new SIM card. In your case, I think the Ascend Y is on the Verizon network so it shouldn't need a SIM card. If you still want to stay on Net10 (don't know if how likely that is) I would encourage you to keep at customer service to get them to activate your phone with your old phone number.

Note: I've always done my transfers online or on the phone with customer service and never in a store.

sb (admin)

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