Trouble with voice mail and customer service

I was with them 4 approx. 4 yrs. Then I had trouble with voice mail which is a must 4 me. I'm a serious heart patient. I called them spent 35 minutes ( a cost to me) They could not fix it, it was their fault which they admitted.

I called back the next day another 40 minutes wasted. Asked them to replace time since it was their computers fault. They refused and said they would send me a new sim card. Week later no sim card, called they said it is in transit. I said what do you mean? well it's in transit.

Called back 5 days later. They said, "we didn't send it". I said, "You lied to me I'm going to another Phone, Co. You owe me $185.90 dollars as this is my balance." They said no. I'm filing a claim through the Justice Dept in the state of Florida. This a cheap company with inept employees. I want my money back and I want it now. I wouldn't recommend this phone company


Thanks for your comments. Personally, I've been happy with Net10's customer service, however, since you plan to change services, I think you might be interested in a Jitterbug phone from GreatCall. I mention that only because their customer service is based in North America, and they also have a few extra health-related services that may be of interest to you.

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May 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

Our CDMA phones worked fine for 3 years after roaming programming was accomplished. 2 weeks ago they stopped working. We get a Verizon error message.
Customer service says we need a SIM card.That would be AT&T or t mobile.
For our ZIP 85601 all Net10 and Tracfones offered are CDMA -one is even one that we have (LG 100C)
Phones work when we go 25 miles to non- roaming area.
We DO get voicemail by calling the number and using #.
We're leaving.

Jan 28, 2011
by: Linda

Alright now the customer service is outsourced and sometimes it is hard to understand the person on the phone but it is usable. I only buy the $30 phones from net10 and if they break I usually just toss em and get a new one. Other then that they are a pretty good deal.

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