Two dollar plan

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att gophone two dollar charge notification

att gophone two dollar charge notification

The ATT Gophone two dollar plan is a pretty good deal compared to the standard unlimited talk and text plan which costs $60 a month. On the two dollar plan you are charged that amount only on the days you use your phone. On those days, you have unlimited talk and text nationwide. (Data is not covered under either plan and costs 1 cent per KB. You can get data packages or go for the $75 unlimited plan.)

At the end of the first call or text on a day you use your phone, you receive a screen alert (not a text message) that tells you that (a) you've been charged $2, and (b) your new airtime balance in dollars. This means, of course there are no further charges for calls and text messages, and you are free to call and text away.

To make it worthwhile compared to the Simple Paygo plan that charges ten cents per minute, you basically need to spend twenty minutes or more on the phone or send and receive a whole bunch of text messages. Frankly, I think it's a great incentive to get back in touch with anyone you were thinking about calling but haven't, such as friends and relatives. Although, I guess it may not be so great for any ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends on the receiving end of those calls.

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Mar 09, 2013
Ten Cents a Minutes Plans??
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if you can use the 10 cent a minute plan on one of the gophone smartphones? I don't talk much so like the 10 cent plan, but was told different things from the ATT reps. I want a gophone smartphone to be able to add apps.

Aug 25, 2011
What is a day?
by: Christian Parker

I am trying to find out what AT&T considers "a day". I have a GoPhone and in my online call history, the times show up as CDT even though I live and bought my phone and it has an EDT area code. So is a day midnight to midnight? For which timezone? Or is it 24 hours after the first call or text that incurs the $2 charge?


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