Unable to view my call activity online

When we have a problem with our account (four phones on the account), resolutions do not come easily. Typically when we call they claim to have a "glitch" in their system, and promise to "escalate" the claim to get it resolved. This appears to be code for "we are putting you off and will not be addressing this at all unless you continue to contact us."

I have not been able to view my call activity on my online account for MONTHS. One rep I called claimed that this was an issue that could only be handled online. Online customer service is no better. Several attempts, never resolved.

My daughter's plan was recently changed without notice, and although our view of the account page shows that automatic payment has been set up, the rep claims that her view shows that it is not. (What? You have been taking my money monthly for two years. And you have the updated credit card info. Are you kidding me?)

Kroger i-wireless seemed to be a good idea when we had just one cell phone, but now we're finding that it may be more trouble than it's worth.

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