Unhappy customer

by Rogelio

I hate this phone you can't do anything. There are no games. No ringtones. You can't download anything unless you have a credit card. Damn it was expensive enough buying the phone and buying the unlimited card, now you guys want my credit card. More money so then I get to have a cool ringtone. That's so stupid.

Hi Rogelio,

Even my T401g came with only two games installed, Sudoku and Jump Boy, but at least they were the actual games and not demo versions. (I did pay or one additional game for my kids: How to Train your Dragon.

In contrast, the last two AT&T Gophones I activated only had demo versions of four games installed, so you could only play a basic level. To play the full version of the games, you had to pay.

Regarding ringtones, you can transfer any mp3 file (I just tried it to confirm that it's possible) less than 300 KB in size from your PC to your phone and set that file as your ringtone. The easiest way to transfer the file is via Bluetooth. Some PC's now have it built-in, or you can get a cheap adapter from Amazon like I did. The transferred file shows up in My Folder -> Music. You can select the file and click on Options -> Set as Ringtone, Individual Ringtone, or Alarm Tone.

I was pretty happy with the T401g while I had it as my primary phone, until I moved to the LG 900g in order to review it.

sb (admin)

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