Unhappy customers

by Edward
(Pittsburgh pa USA )

Me and friend had 2 phones, needless say ripped my friend of by over 750 bucks then got me for 500 plus disconnected our phones. I won't never use these phones again. I warn you never put a debit or credit card on there file, you will be sorry u did. Customer service sucks, they owe us over 1,000 bucks. This happened in July of 2012. This service sucks. (snip) call if you'd like.

Hi Edward,

I normally would not publish such an incoherent contribution, but I do feel sorry for you if you really are out a $1000. If you wish, you can describe your situation again, but more clearly, in the comments. Please try not to use the word "sucks" multiple times. Also, since you are writing to an audience who doesn't know you or your situation, you do have to describe what happened rather than writing, "needless say ripped". Thanks.

sb (admin)

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