Unreliable phone

We bought 2 of these phones about 9 months ago. Mine started freezing up had to remove battery to reset it, after 6 months and had to replace it. Now the other 408 is freezing up and need to replace it. Both under 1 year old.

Camera is disappointing

by phoneaddikt

Camera is disappointing. Texting is not an issue since it pretty much keeps up with my typing 95% of the time.

If you're not concerned about the camera then I would definitely recommend this phone. :) (I haven't had it long enough to say anything about battery life.)

Battery goes dead in about one day

by Michael
(Phoenix, AZ)

I've had this phone for about two weeks and I've found that the battery doesn't stay charged very long even in standby. Without even talking on it the battery will go dead in about one day. I got it at Target and I'm taking it back.

I liked the LG300 much better, the charge lasted for a much longer time. But I couldn't find one in either Walmart or Target.

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