Up to date plans and more

by Aaron

Go to the website, iwirelesshome.com for all of the phones and prices, some plans, coverage and more. The plans not listed on the website are $20/mo. Is unlimited text, and for $40 a month is unlimited talk.

The website tells about how their nites start at 7pm and weekends are free, but there is no longer a plan for unlimited nites and weekends. Each phone does come with 400 free minutes but the first time, you give them your Kroger card number and they add the first 200. The second time you add airtime, you get the other 200 minutes. If you are on an unlimited plan, you get a $1 credit when you spend $100 at a Kroger family store instead of 20 minutes.

There is a difference between the smartphone plans and regular plans. The unlimited web parts mean that when you use web, it doesn't charge your account but you get a certain amount of MB. With the $25 and $55 plans on the website, you get 200 MB of web to use and it should last all month since you can't have a smartphone on those plans.

For the smartphone plans that are $50 and $70 a month, you get 2.5 GB of web because smartphones use a ton of web, it should also last all month because of the huge amount of data and because most smartphones have Wi-Fi and if you use that, it doesn't cut into the 2.5 GB you get. Smartphones with i-wireless will only work with the $50 and $70 plans.

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Dec 22, 2010
Thanks for the update
by: sb (admin)


Thanks for the update!


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