Use as a portable voice mail box

by Thomas Stowe
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

I like and continue to use Tracfone, as in a pinch the phone's can be bought and adding two hours of air-time each month suits my needs very well. I use it for my small business to have a portable voice mail box. I don't use it for outcalling except to get numbers off the caller ID and to receive and check voicemail messages on a separate line than my main business number.

I love this phone, it's small, hardy, has all the basic features anyone needs minimum in a cellular phone. I haven't had issues with reception as I'd had with a few of the cheaper Tracfone phone's and I've been able to use it everywhere I get called out to in the San Antonio, Texas area.

The small form factor given by the flip phone is good for carrying in a backpack or briefcase and I carry it everywhere in my car and at home. If you're looking for an affordable reloadable phone that you can use in emergencies that has an easy reloading system and purchasable cards at many retailers, try this one. If you have a child, both kid or teen this would be good to give them on school outings and most that can handle a cellular phone would have outgrown the "firefly" type of phones made for children. It holds battery charge very well and if I don't use it usually it's ready a week later if it's been in the turned off state and a couple of days if I leave it on all the time but don't actively use it.

All in all a good bang for the buck. It's not super-fancy but it's miles beyond the first Motorola phones issued to retailers by Tracfone.

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