Very expensive...not worth the money!

by Jennifer Keith
(Lexington, VA, USA)

I bought a phone when I moved to a new area and was unsure of the carrier I wanted to use. I thought the Verizon prepaid phone would be a good way to bridge the gap between a new two year contract and having no phone at all. How wrong I was! In my area (the mountains of Virginia) the Inpulse phone had horrible coverage.

Somehow, my friends with regular Verizon phones (on a contract) had no trouble keeping calls. However, my phone would drop calls frequently and not pick up calls when it should have. Perhaps the worst thing about this phone was the cost. While paying when you only use the phone seems like a good isn't. If you are a frequent phone user (which I am), this phone will end up costing you more than two phones on a regular plan. I eventually switched to a regular phone with a contract and have been happy with the price and service of that phone. I will never go pre-paid again.

Not very economical

by Cassie Slim
(NY, NY)

I tried the plans (got sick of cell contracts quite a while ago) but found that even though they offer great network coverage, they are still too expensive.

My typical cell usage comprised of a few short duration calls on most days of the week. None of the plans really suited me. Both Verizon's 25c-a-minute & the 99c daily-use plans work out expensive very quickly.

With NET10 (my current provider) I get the low 10c a minute call rate WITHOUT a daily use charge. Which means I save roughly half of what my cell expenses would be if I did use Verizon.

They have nice phones and like I said their coverage is great but they seriously need to work on the pricing.

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