Very happy with prepaid Samsung Juke

by Rose



I've had my prepaid, Samsung Juke, phone for 3 months and am very happy with it and my prepaid service.

I used to have a cell phone, with a contract, a monthly charge, but noticed that I didn't use it every day. I'm saving so much money, that I got another prepaid phone,from another carrier. I don't use either phone every day, but my friends, with the same carriers, can talk to me for free.

I have a home phone, which I use, when I'm at home. The cell phones are very convenient. I don't use text messages. I used them, at first, but realized that some of my friends are addicted to them and text messaged me too much, so I got rid of the text capabilities on both cell phones. I hated to see it go, because it could come in handy, in rare circumstances, where the signal is weak and only texts can be transmitted and received.

I don't have that much time, to text. My friends call me now and tell me what they have to say. I got the core service, which is the least expensive, so the texts cost extra. I'm saving money this way and am enjoying my cell phones.

I bought the Samsung Juke, from Verizon, on-line and the other phone, refurbished and also very inexpensive. I even bought some ringtones and ring back tones, so I know who's calling and the callers can enjoy the music too. I took the pictures, for the wallpaper, myself. Both phones have cameras. I can put the pictures on the computer, with the data kits, I bought, for the phones. I have a digital camera, so I don't use the phones, as a camera very often. I took pictures of my friends, so I can see them, when we talk, on the cell phones.

I bought some Bluetooth devices, on-line and got a good deal on them. I can't find a Verizon, refill card, for exactly $100. Not even the Verizon web-site has one. They have one on Ebay, but I'm worried about it, because it's not from a cell phone company. I wanted to get a good deal, on the card, but might just end up putting $100 worth of minutes on my phone, on the Verizon web-site. It will cost a little over $100.00 then. I think they charge a fee then for the service of putting the minutes on my phone. The minutes don't expire, for a year, if you buy $100 or more, all at once.

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Jul 10, 2009
by: admin

Thanks, Diverwoman!

I really appreciate the time you took to write this awesome review as well as the cool pictures. It's great to see someone save money on their prepaid cell phones and spend it on something much more fun.

I also laughed when you said you cut down on texting and asked your friends to call you when they had something to say.

As for your concerns, yes, I think it's easiest and safest to just add your airtime directly from Verizon's website.

All the best.

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