Visiting Mexico and Calling within Mexico

by Joe Chinea
(Scottsdale Az)

Ok, a little confused. I will be in Mexico for several weeks. If I purchase the international calling card ($10) will I be able to make, and receive calls from the USA to the USA, From Mexico local numbers to Mexico local number.

Instructions detail having to make entry of registration number?

Simple, How do I make the connection?

The answer apears to be no, you cannot make any calls with your Tracfone from outside the U.S., Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

I've seen ads from AT&T advertising their international roaming service. All their unlimited plans appear to offer the ability to make calls within and from Mexico. This is included with their regular unlimited plans and can also be added to an AT&T prepaid plan. The cost of the international roaming add-on to a prepaid plan is $35 for 7-days and the clock starts ticking as soon as it is added to your account, so you should try to time it for the day you will arrive in Mexico.

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