Voice recorder, apps, etc.

by Gregor
(Orlando, Fl.)

I tried to install opera mini, to no avail. The youtube skit has get jar down loaded already into his phone but I can't seem to download that either.

I have NO clue what flash contents are- so:
no games, so-so internet -


I work in security and the voice recorder is the cat's meow. Of course in this state I have to tell people that they are being recorded, but security is a psychological game. The object is to be able to control the rebellious without having to use batons, spray or guns & cuffs. If I record me saying that I have them on surveillance and play that back in response to my giving their ID into the phone, they straighten right up and fly right. Shoplifters can't fight the camera either.

Hi Gregor,

You can download the Opera browser .jar file to your computer and transfer it to the phone via Bluetooth. That's what I did for one of the other new LG phones. I'm not sure why the flash content samples are their either. No flash games apparently, but you can play Java games.

I didn't really understand what you wrote about the voice recorder, but if it works for you, great.

sb (admin)

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