Volume getting lower and lower

by shirley mclean
(greene ny usa)

LG 600g side buttons for adjusting volume

LG 600g side buttons for adjusting volume

I have had my phone for almost a year. Last week the volume started to get lower,and lower I can't hear the person that I am talking to. Is there some way to turn the volume up? I love every thing about the phone, it's just of no use to Me anymore without volume......HELP

Hi Shirley,

Hmm. It shouldn't keep getting lower unless something has gone wrong with it. However, try adjusting the speaker volume by pressing the side buttons during a call. When you press the side button when you're not on a call it adjusts the ring volume, but when you do it during a call it is supposed to adjust the speaker volume.

The picture showing the side buttons is taken from the LG 600g manual. I've circled and underlined the instruction.

Hope this helps, and let us know how it works out.

sb (admin)

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