Walmart Verizon Prepaid Phones

The selection of Walmart Verizon prepaid phones available online has often been relatively small, but now there are a few more than usual. As of October 2022, eleven prepaid phones (including one iPhone SE) and one mobile hotspot are available online with prices varying from $22.00 to $249 (for the iPhone).  The selections in individual stores may vary.

Smart Phones

Here is the current selection:

  • Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen) 64GB $249.99

  • Samsung Galaxy A13 LTE $179.00
  • Samsung A03s, 32GB $119.00

  • Motorola One 5G ACE UW 64GB $199.00
  • Moto G Power 64GB $169.00
  • Moto G Pure 32GB $105.00

  • TCL 30 V 5G 128GB $199.00
  • TCL 30 LE 4GLTE 32GB $89.88
  • TCL Signa 32GB $39.00

  • Orbic Maui 16GB $22.00

  • Airspeed Mobile Hotspot $49.00

Flip Phone

  • TCL Flip Pro 4GB $35.00

Better choices on Verizon's Site

You have a much greater and better choice of phones on Verizon's site, with the option of handsets such as the iPhone 5 or 4S, the Galaxy S4 or the LG G2.

Are the Phones Refurbished?

Phones from Walmart come with a one-year (not ninety day) warranty. My guess is that they are new and not refurbished. However, these phones may be excess stock that Walmart is trying to clear out to make space for the next batch of phones.

Avoiding Activation Fees

It can actually cost a few dollars more to get the phone online from Verizon, but you avoid the $20 activation fee that may apply to store-bought phones.

Unlocked Phones

The best Verizon-compatible prepaid phone may actually be an unlocked phone, but make sure that it really is compatible.