Want QWERTY phone with bigger keys and bigger screen

by Laura Uchurch

I use the common flip phone with camera. I would love to use one with the (qwerty) keyboard. But can't, because i have had strokes. So I can't see the keys. They are too small for my eyes. And the screen is, too. So I have to stick with the basic phone :) and :( i do a lot of texting. So I use my phone a lot. I love my boost mobile as well. I love the fact I have the spend down play as well.

I'm 46 years old, and my age has nothing to do with my eyesight. It's the strokes that did it to me. So if Boost Mobile was ever to come out with a more compatible phone for the handicapped without it being too gaudy, that would be great! Bigger keys. Bigger screen. Hint, hint. And lower prices! Or a touch screen for the handicapped! Again at lower prices!

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your comments. Boost does have a couple of touchscreens available, but I don't know if you can adjust the size of the virtual keys on them. There are probably apps on the iPhone that do that. You can also get an Android touchscreen phone and install something like the Big Buttons app. You can get the deluxe version for $3 to get word prediction and voice-to-text. The Android phones do cost a bit more.

Other prepaid companies that offer Android phones, of course.

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Aug 29, 2011
Staying with Boost for the Spend Down feature
by: Laura Upchurch

That would be great. But not my Boost Mobile. Love the spend down plan. And most seniors, like myself live on SSI so we dont have that kind of money. So yes too pricey. If most of the cell companies would offer a discount to the seniors that would be great or ones with disablities. There are ways we can prove it too. By showing our medicare cards. Not Medicaid, Medicare! That would help us out as well. But still need help with being able to see the keys and screen.

Those of us that live on the fixed income like myself, love the fact that Boost Mobile have the spend down plan. And once i reach that lower status. It can never go up! Way to gooooo boost mobile! Thanks boost mobile for that and for that I guess I can suffer with my flip phone with the big keys on it. For now. LOL.

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