Went dead with all my minutes

by Paula Jackson
(Florida USA)

Well I had this phone since February 2009, but in March 2011 the phone went dead with all my minutes. The battery is in good standard, but it still cannot get the phone going, my phone was not over used, because i travel a lot out of the country. What can i do? Will I get my minutes back.

Hi Paula,

Sometimes if a phone has been completely discharged, it takes a while for the phone to indicate that it's charging again and looks dead. However, it sounds like the battery charges but the phone won't turn on.

Probably you'll have to replace the LG 300. If your service has not expired, you should be able to transfer both your minutes and your phone number to a new Net10 phone. Once you get a new phone, I would call Net10's customer service, get through to a real person and then ask them to activate your new phone with the number and minutes from the old phone.

If your service expired in March, then you may not be able to transfer your number anymore, but you may still be able to get your minutes transferred.

Overall, two years is not too bad for an inexpensive cell phone but it's always a pain when they stop working.

Good luck.


Cannot send texts - SMS is full

It says the SMS is full, but then I click clear all, or even master reset, and it says "security code" 123, but when you type 123 it doesn't do anything at all...can't find a way to hit "enter" or anything.....how do I fix this??

Please help. battery bad , charger caught on fire!

by jason
(flat rock,mi.u.s)

My battery is toast and charger smoked. Please help me out! Model # ntlg300gb. Fccid:bejlg300g. S/n#:(snip).
I have not had long , my name is jason, email: (email deleted),or call main home line. it's not mine, but i get message (phone number deleted). Please send me a battery and charger. Thanks jason also please a back too mine melted a little. thank you so much!!!!!

Hi Jason,

Sorry to hear about your phone. You need to contact Net10 customer support (1-877-836-2368) and see if they'll replace it for you.

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